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Now Loss: Products & Services is a website where information about diets and weight loss is available for everybody. The hash tag of this website is “How to look good naked” and then the viewer is advised to follow some steps. The categories available on this website are To lose weight, To build muscle, To get curves and To look better naked.

Now Loss: Company Background

The website is managed by Adrian Bryant, an American athlete, personal trainer, fitness author, blogger and entrepreneur. The website is now helping more than 1.5 million visitors per month to look good naked by either losing weight or building muscle. However, there is no information on the year when the website started the online activity.

Now Loss: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The general tone of the feedback given to the website is positive, mostly from the people who have tried to lose weight following the creator’s advice. The testimonials on the website are filled with visitor’s experiences, which have tried the programs and succeeded in their trial. There is another More-Testimonials page, with further praises. One editorial content has been found, with a general short review of the website.

Now Loss: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Now Loss website does not have a profile on Better Business Bureau. Also, there is no information on the website if the business has certain accreditations or certifications. There is no association known until date, nor any awards receive by the website itself. If the website appeared in any major media outlet, it is not known.

Now Loss: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Now Loss’ global traffic rank on Alexa is 28,846, while within the United States of America is 17,446. With a reputation of 740, the website is also very popular in Colombia, where it’s ranked 3,004. On average, 3.2 unique pages are seen per day by the visitors, and 28% of the visits come from the United States. On Google Page Rank, the website has 3/10 points.

Now Loss: Social Media Presence

On Facebook, the Now Loss page has 18,280 likes and 1,193 people talking about its content. The status is updated every other day with pictures, information, or new articles posted on the website. The website does not appear to have a Twitter account, even though shares on Twitter are available for the visitors.

Now Loss: Website Security & Safety

On 2012-11-13, Google’s Safe Browsing Diagnostic Page tested 11 pages on the website for malicious software. No malware seems to have been hosted on the website. Also, the website is not currently listed as suspicious, and it doesn’t seem to have been working as an intermediary for infection to any other websites.

Now Loss: Pricing & Packages

Since there is nothing to sell on this website, there are no prices listed anywhere. The information obtained from the website is free of charge, and the visitors don’t have to sign up for an account in order to read that information on NowLoss, or to pay for a subscription.

Now Loss: Shipping Rates & Policies

Shipping is not applicablle for this site.

Now Loss: Payment Methods Accepted

There are no payment methods listed on this website, since there is nothing to pay for or to buy. The subscription to the Now Loss website is free of charge, so there will be no need for credit card information or any other detail regarding a payment method from the visitors.

Now Loss: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

There are no policies available on Now Loss, except for the Privacy policy. There is no return or refund policy, mostly because nothing is sold on the website. Also, since there is no transmission of goods, there is no exchange policy because the objects are missing from a certain trade.

Now Loss: Product images & screenshots
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